Developed in the UK by a team of not just Carp Anglers but radio control boffins with a combined 35 year experience, makes this Spyder Bait Boat a truly unique and very high quality product.

Over a year in the making The BLACK WIDOW is what we regard as generally one of the all round better boats you can get.


After hiring out many different boats on one of the busiest day/night ticket venues in the UK (Furnace Lakes, Horsham) and found most of the time boats having to be returned back to their service center for repair again and again, this was not on. So this is when we thought it’s about time the UK market had a breath of fresh air in the Bait Boat scene.

Made using only the highest quality components. All parts on the Spyder bait boats will last you for many years to come.

Many of the boat parts are made in house including the carry handle and hopper doors, even the hopper drop pins are carved here from brass rods.

You may want to think about after care advice or help. If any product is built by someone in a garden shed bait boat or not and they offer no fixed address or land line then just hope you get no problems with your product. We say this, as there are some companies who do exactly that.
They will be there to sell you a product but when you need to return or just a service it can be a nightmare getting hold of these people.

You are always able to get hold of one of our team members on the phone or email.