Spyder Deluxe Boat Bag

Deluxe Padded Boat Bag


From our sister company Spyder/Bivvies.com this super padded bag is by far the best you can get for any Bait-Boat!

Custom made for the Black Widow boat, this bag boasts an inch of padding all round.
Two end pocket to keep batteries, charger and more accessories in.
Carry handles on sides and top plus a removable mat to place your boat on each time the boat is left out side on the bank side.


To note there is around 6 extra inches of room in side the main compartment once your boat is in there.

This is the ideal place for your remote if you own a remote hard case (see other items).

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Additional Information

Weight 2 kg

Two end pockets for storing spare batteries, charger and other accessories


Comes with a removable mat for placing your boat on while on the bank side


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